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Thursday, 26 November 2009

SPCA Cat Orientation

Today we went back to the Parksville-Qualicum SPCA to meet Sabrina, who is the volunteer co-ordinator for the cats brought into the centre.

She showed us around, telling us where we had to sign in when we came to do a shift. She showed us the rota and where we needed to put our names down to indicate which day we would be coming to the centre. As it happens, a regular volunteer is on holiday for the time we are here, so we have decided to fill her slot, which will be on a Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday if we are needed.

We were shown the brushes that are used to groom the cats, and the procedure for cleaning the brushes after each cat has been brushed. There is a strict hygiene regime to eliminate cross contamination of any illnesses the cats may have.

After going through the administration side of things, we went into the room where the cats are housed. Most came up to the cages to say hello, a few were shy and stayed back. They were all ages, mostly adult cats, one kitten. They were all in lovely condition.

We were shown how to handle them, and to read the board attached to each cage, showing their name, temperament, whether they were strays or handed in by their owners.

There is a room with the cages to house the cats, and there is a separate play area, where cats can be taken into to be groomed or played with. There are chairs for the volunteers to sit on and read a book, so the cats can have a cuddle and relax if they feel like it.

We have put our names down for next tuesday 1st December, and we are looking forward to meeting the residents. Hopefully we will be able to provide some comfort for them whilst they await adoption.

To see which cats are in the centre at the moment please click link below:

Link to cats we met today:

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