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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ass you like it... Donkey days in France

A number of our clients have pets that have come from rescue centres. Sophie, a lady who we sit regularly for, has 6 cats, two dogs and two chickens, as well as two donkeys. They all have their issues brought from previous lives, but are now comfortable together, being given a second chance to be loved.

Here in South West France there are a lot of donkeys. They are good for keeping down the courser vegetation, like brambles and thistles. They will eat bark from the trees though, which is not good for the trees.

They require a shelter as they don't like to get too wet. Their coat takes a long time to dry out if they are without shelter.

These donkeys are very tidy and have a particular area for their bathroom. There is always plenty of 'help' with all the chores around the grounds.

They need the same care and attention as horses, daily brushing, picking out their feet, summer and winter routines.

They are very mischievous, nosey and playful, and are great fun to look after. They are a great alarm call if you happen to be late getting up.

They need company and make great companions for other animals.

Links to Donkey sanctuarys in France and UK:

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