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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bloat in dogs

Looking after other people's precious pets is a great experience but also a great responsibility. We are trusted to look after and care for an animal as if they were our own.

We follow the routine of the pet owner so that the pet is settled, and not disrupted by the change of human carer.

Meal times can be stressful, especially with dogs, and there is a risk of bloat which many pet owners are not aware of.

As long as a few rules are observed, for instance, stopping vigorous exercise an hour before or after feeding, limited water before and after feeding, and stress free mealtimes, most dogs are fine.

Some breeds, those with a high ribcage for example, are more prone to bloat. We have looked after dogs where there is a history of bloat, and are aware of this risk with other dogs that we look after.

This is a really good site telling you what to look out for, and how to prevent bloat.


We have a form you can download to give to your pet sitter so that they know what to look out for and what to do if your dog presents with symptoms of bloat. This is located on the Links page of our website.

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