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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Easy Mucking out in France

On a pet sit in South West France recently, we were introduced to a brilliant product.   We were looking after two horses who, because of health issues, had to be stabled most of the day.  Their bedding was called Aquamax, bedding  which is a "highly absorbent equine bedding manufactured solely from Pine white wood fibre sourced from sustainable sources. "

It was so easy to muck out, and took so little time.  It is amazing to watch the small pellets transform into a sand-like substance when water is added to it. 

bedding after it has been watered.

All you need is a sifting 'fork'

Unlike other woods, Pine contains natural agents which remove the smell of ammonia from urine; works as a natural antiseptic; and produces a light, fluffy bed. 

Once the bed is down, all you have to do is skip out the droppings and then scuff through the bed with your feet, so that the wet patches get absorbed by the dry.  The bed is then levelled out and job done.  There is no smell of ammonia, and there is no dust.

Having used straw and shavings for bedding, we found this a much better product.  We were looking after a mare and a gelding, one very tidy and one who mixed up the droppings in the bedding very efficiently.  I only had a wheel barrow each of waste per day, which also greatly reduced the muck heap.

I would certainly advise anyone to give it a go.  

Link to the website and youtube clip on how it works

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