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Monday, 4 February 2013

Car safe in Carcassonne

Della has been sitting in the lovely Southwest corner of France for 3 weeks.  The weather, although windy,
is very pleasant, and although it is February, it is very Spring- like.   The sky has been mainly blue and the blossom is out on the almond trees.  There was a sprinkling of snow towards the end of the month, which picked out the rows of vines which are abundant in this region.

We have a regular client with three little dogs in this area,  They are rescue dogs and all have their issues.  One issue is being frightened of traffic of any kind and other dogs.  So finding a safe and quiet spot to take them on their daily walk is very important.

Luckily a little car journey is all it takes to find quiet off road walking through the vines around Carcassonne.  It is so peaceful and the views are amazing.

The dogs are secured in the car by a nifty little gadget which clips onto their collar or harness and then connects into the seat belt holder.  It allows the dogs to sit on the back seat of the car without them being able to jump into the front or being thrown forward in the event of sudden breaking.  It is adjustable for different size dogs.  We found this such a simple little tool and costs about £6.  Great idea.

Car Seat belt restraint for your dog


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