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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Best Friends Animal Shelter, Kanab, Arizona. USA

Visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

In May we went on a road trip across America, starting in Orlando, Florida and ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We were very fortunate to stay in Kanab,Utah,  a small town which was used in the film making industry for the early Western films.  Just a few miles from the town is the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary at Angel Canyon.

There is a tv programme called Dog Town which follows the work of the volunteers and workers at this amazing establishment.  Here is the link to their website Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Cat Section
 There are different areas, one for cats, dogs, horses, birds and small animals like rabbits.  They have a no kill policy and are funded by donations.

Dogs are grouped into personality  groups
 The dogs, once assessed are given different collars to show potential new owners if they are good with children or other pets or if they are needing more expert handling.
Tracy helping dog with his socializing skills

 We were given a tour around the facility and we met one of the rescue dogs, currently being socialized.  We gave him a treat when he sat for us.  Dogs are walked and played with and it is possible to take them home on a foster basis to get them used to a home environment.  Everything possible is done to get them a forever family.  There can be as many as 500 dogs there at a time.

Beautiful surroundings to rest in
The center is situated in a beautiful canyon, with coloured rocks all around.   They have cabins which volunteers can rent and help out.  We hope that we will be able to do so in the future.  In the meantime we have become members of the charity. 

Here is a Youtube clip showing some of the great work they do. 

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