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Sunday, 25 August 2013

The lengths we go to for our pets.

Recently we have had assignments where a little extra thought has had to go into the care for a beloved pet.

When faced with a  situation where a pet could potentially be put down due to a health issue, some resourceful owners really pull out all the stops to see if the obstacle can be got around.

Whilst on a sit in Wolvercote, near Oxford, on the beautiful expanse of open common land called  Port  Meadow we regularly came across a little dachshund with a set of wheels attached to his rear end.  We think his back legs were damaged, or perhaps his spine.  He was able to run after a ball and get about quite easily.  The dog we were looking after thought it was a weird sight though, not quite sure what to make of it!

We have just sat for a new client in the Bristol area with three West Highland White Terriers, a breed very close to our hearts.  One of the female dogs has a condition, Atopic Malassezia, which affects her feet and having run out of solutions to cure this condition, our client has come up with the idea of putting socks on her feet to protect them from the irritants affecting her, and to stop her licking her feet.   As it was difficult to keep the socks on her, a 'suit' was devised to hold the socks in place, forming  a 'onesie'.

She is able to walk about, doing her bodily functions normally.  This seems to have done the trick.

Daisy in her 'PJs'

She does not have to keep this outfit on all the time, she is currently just wearing socks at night.

Our current assignment near Worthing on the South Coast has a different problem.  The dogs in question are a small breed called Papillons, named after the shape of their ears resembling butterflies.  They are an affectionate breed, loving nothing more than to cuddle down on your lap at every opportunity.

These dogs have house training issues having to wear pads whilst in the house to stop them from marking.  The dogs wear a band of material with a velcro fastener.  Inside the band is a sanitary towel which absorbes the urine. 

Louis in his band
For the female dogs there is a similar band with an extra flap which has a hole in it for the tail to pass through.   These are useful tools for incontinent dogs or females in season.

Holly in her pants
Holly has recently gone completely blind, so finding her way about to get outdoors can be a bit of a challenge.  Until she has got used to her new world in the dark, these 'pants' avoid accidents.

There are a number of websites selling items for all types of health issues.

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