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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dog Coats!

This post from Dog Links had our attention.  With the weather changing like.... well the weather, we thought this may be of interest to lots of you.

Hopefully Spring is around the corner.

New post on dog::links

Dog coats!

by dog::links
Yes I know, spring is around the corner BUT, if like me you have struggled to find a coat for you old, thin skinned, sick or just plain cold natured dog....... look no further :)
Each time I find something that WORKS for my lot of ruffians, whether it be food, dog beds, medicines, warnings etc., I like to pass it on because I know from the feedback I get from my regular viewers, that it's useful, can save time and money and information shared it always knowledge that can help your pet and you.
I have rescue dogs here of all ages and sizes - ones that find winter weather, walks and cold nights (despite the warm fireside), a trial, the oldies that struggle to retain their body heat and of course the ones that are sick or recovering and the energy they use up trying to keep warm and the discomfort they feel can now easily be alleviated.  Blankets that do not stay put at night when they need them to etc etc
I discovered Equafleece dog coats and am a total convert.  They are made in the UK and if you look carefully at the measurements, they fit any size or shape of dog!  However if you are uncertain about getting the right coat for the right dog, the people at Equafleece are really helpful if you call them!  I am useless at working out which size and have spent countless fruitless buys on coats that arrive and are either a bad fit and I have to mess about altering them or they are not warm enough etc.
Equafleece have a French website so postage is less expensive than coming from the UK and quicker too.  You can always ring the UK company to get them to help you choose the right model and then order it online from France - in my case they did all that for me and sent me a couple of the different styles into the bargain, for me to pass on to dogs in need which was so kind of them and proof of how confident they are in their beautiful coats!

They even have T shirts that help stop a dog licking/chewing at wounds/stitches after spaying or other surgical issues - help keep flies and midgies at bay especially if you spray lightly with some of the herbal fly repellents........ just go see the above link at the beginning of the posting for the catalogue of all products. 
I can more than confirm that these coats are light, very warm, fit beautifully with easy catches that are minimal and strong, are waterproof and wash perfectly.
At last someone has got the dog coat issue taped!  Thank you Equafleece :)
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