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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Keeping cats safe in your garden

We had the sad news recently that one of our clients' cats had got run over on a busy road adjacent to their garden.  They had tried all sorts if things to keep her from going over the fence but, short of not letting her out, they had to let her live her life and take her chances.

We have read an article in Your Cat magazine recently that gives a few suggestions to make your garden more secure.  

Plant a country- style hedge
Even city dwellers can bring a breath of country air to their gardens by planting a selection of classic hedgerow plants like Hawthorn, holly, beach and dog rose. Once they have thickened up they will provide a safe haven for wildlife and a dense barrier.

Add mesh to your fence top
A sloping wire or plastic mesh barrier fixed to brackets on the fence posts will go a long way to secure your garden as cats don't like stepping out on a surface that wobbles. There are other systems on the market that could do the same job and companies to install them if you're not happy doing D I Y.

Plant a thorny hedge
Fire thorn or pyracantha is like living barbed wire and quite capable of deterring intruders, whether they be the local tomcat or a cat burglar. Plant a mixture of Berry colours for a feast of fruit that birds will also be able to nest safely in.  

Erect a cat run
For total security an enclosed cat ran is the only solution. It can be accessed from inside the house via a dedicated cat flap. Make sure there are plenty of shelves inside for perching and elements to provide shade too.

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