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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Antifreeze poisoning

We have been reading articles from the RSPCA recently about the dangers of Antifreeze.

Now that Winter is here, the use of Antifreeze is on the increase. Most people are unaware of the hidden dangers to their pets.

Unfortunately many animals find the taste of antifreeze very attractive, and ingesting even the smallest amount can lead to kidney failure and death, especially in cats.

BC SPCA: Pet-Friendly Antifreeze

Tabby kitten looking up © Leigh Hyland RSPCA Australia

There is a campaign running here in Canada informing the public of this danger, and encouraging them to buy Pet-Friendly Antifreeze, which doesn't contain ethylene glycol. Since April 2009 the Canadian Government have legislated that Antifreeze should contain a bittering agent to take the sweet taste out, and therefore make it unattractive to pets, especially cats.

The link below gives advice on antifreeze and your pets.


We have been unable to find any Antifreeze for sale which specifically states Pet Friendly, If you have come across any, we would love to hear from you, and we will pass the information on to our readers.

When buying Antifreeze it might be worth asking at the store what their policy is.

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