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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Puppy Training - The Sit

We have started a course of lessons at the SPCA to learn how to train and socialise puppies.

A bitch has been brought in very under-nourished, with 9 puppies. They are now 5-6weeks old. They all had a large worm burden, and have big fat tummies.

The worming programme has been completed now and so they will not be so pot-bellied for much longer.

We were shown today how to show a puppy how to sit.
  1. Grab a handful of soft, chewy treats, or whatever your new pup likes best.
  2. Get your puppy's attention.
  3. When he comes closer, hold one of the treats to his nose, use as a nose magnet.
  4. Push your hand forward towards his back. He'll have to sit down to reach it.
  5. Don't hold the treat too high.
  6. As soon as his bottom hits the floor, say "yes."
  7. Repeat often, always say the word "yes" as he starts to sit down.
  8. Remember to say "Yes" everytime he sits.
  9. When they have grasped this, start moving around and calling the puppy to you, repeat the process until he sits, then move again and call the dog.
  10. It did not take long before when they heard the word "Yes" they were looking for food.


  • Keep training lessons short, and repeat often. Five minute sessions, four or five times daily will keep the knowledge fresh in his mind, but will also keep him from being bored.

  • We were amazed how quickly the puppies responded. The word "sit" has not been introduced yet, this will come later.

    Over the next few sessions we will work through a list of tasks to get the puppies used to human company and make them as adoptable as possible.me
    Many short, fun sessions are best, and ending on dog wants to please you.

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