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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Training puppies - Handling

Today we learnt how to get the puppies used to being handled. If they feel comfortable being held and handled at an early age, this will help them in later life.

We were first shown how to hold a puppy. If you want to carry your puppy you will need to hold the dog to your chest by placing your hand in between the puppy's front legs and the crook of your arm supporting his back end. The length of your arm is supporting him under his tummy. For bigger puppies two hands will be needed.

Don't attempt to grab him by the coat on his neck the way his mother used to do. Remember that female dogs are intentionally supposed to hold their puppies this way and they know how to and puppies do not resist their mothers when they do; another factor is that they only hold them a few inches away from the ground. Don't attempt to pick up a dog of any age from under their front legs, like a baby, This will cause injury.

We wrapped the puppies in a towel for their first pick up, just to give them some more security.

We took 4 puppies into a quiet space where they could explore without any danger. We sat on the floor still holding them and giving them encouraging noises. We then opened the towels and let the dogs decide whether they wanted to get down or stay in our laps. Some were quicker to explore that others.

To put your puppy back down on the floor, gently place him back on the ground; don't just let him jump out of your arms as the puppy could end up getting hurt.

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